Quick Facts

A Letter for Home

Deliver Lieutenant Ta'zinni's Letter to Overlord Agmar at Agmar's Hammer.
Lieutenant Ta'zinni's Letter (Provided)


You find a letter secreted in the lining of his robes. It reads:


Ta'zinni sorry for disappearing on ya. If you're reading this letter, then I be dead.

I been forced to work for Malygos's armies under threat that the family would be killed if I didn't. Ta'zinni wasn't gonna let that happen!

Don't worry about me, just keep your kids safe. I have them fooled and I'm sabotaging them from the inside.

I love you, sistah!


Overlord Agmar is sure to want to see this!




You will receive: 5  (or 9 86 if completed at level 80)


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

You will receive this letter by Overlord Agmar after 6 hours

A letter from Deino
Dearest, <name>,

Overlord Agmar's personal courier saw to it that I received my brother's letter. The courier also told me that it was you who found it.

I just want to thank you for seeing to it that the letter got to me. I know that times must be tough for all of you brave souls who are daring to fight in Northrend.

Rest assured that I will avenge Ta'zinni. The blue dragonflight will suffer for what they did to my little brother!

With the utmost respect and gratitude,