Quick Facts

The Iron Thane and His Anvil

Using the abilities of your War Golem, defeat Iron Thane Furyhammer, then return to Raegar Breakbrow at Prospector's Point.
Iron Thane Furyhammer slain
Provided item:
Golem Control Unit


Now that you've charged up your war golem, we're going to put all that energy to good use. Activate the golem inside Dun Argol to take control of it.

Our information about Dun Argol's leader, Iron Thane Furyhammer, suggests his bodyguard protects him from all harm.

That bodyguard is the construct he travels with, called The Anvil. Disable the construct, and his protection will disappear.

The thane stays in the building at the top of Dun Argol and supervises production from the bottom level.




You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Grounded Gloves Crackpot Spaulders
Short-Circuiting Boots Golem-Rider's Greaves
You will also receive: 11 80  (or 27 52 if completed at level 80)


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 26,200 experience
This quest will be converted to Bringing Down the Iron Thane if you transfer to Horde.