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Use Raegar's Explosives to destroy the Runic Power Core at Dun Argol, then report to Raegar Breakbrow at Prospector's Point.
Dun Argol Power Core Destroyed
Provided item:
Raegar's Explosives


The large hall at the top of Dun Argol houses the power source for the entire area. If you can destroy the power core, it will cripple Dun Argol for some time.

No power means no golems, no sentries, and no more lightning armaments.

When we were sent up here, they told us these explosives were for excavation, but thanks to Iron Thane Furyhammer, the research has been scrapped. We may as well get some use out of them, though. They're the only thing we have on hand capable of destroying the power core.




You will receive: 5 90  (or 18 47 if completed at level 80)


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 20,950 experience